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Our most precious resource... 

We value our preaching and teaching ministry and are grateful, to those within the Fellowship and those invited to share with us, as we explore the scriptures and what God has revealed to us who look to Him for a pattern to our lives.

Although we recognise that often God speaks to us on a particular day about a particular issue or situation in our lives, there is always that sense of guidance and understanding that can be gained through reading and having the Bible explained.

We appreciate the time that is given to prepare the sermons and talks we hear on a Sunday morning and felt that these should not simply be forgotten afterwards but made available that folk may re-read and study later, or indeed for the first time, and so we have 'archived' these talks to make them available.


We have several studies available in our Archive file. There are studies in Micah, Mark, Galatians, Ephesians Philippians, Hebrews and Titus as well as several more general topics.

Many of these studies are provided by our speakers after the Sunday morning services. Some form part of a sequential study of a particular book, some are stand alone. Not all our speakers can provide this resource so the studies of any particular book are incomplete.

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